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As a boutique artist management company of the most diversified group of artitsts and musicians ready to explore the global opportunities, I am proud to announce that VAN LESTER is back with a new single "EL GRAN SEÑOR DE LA SALSA"

Preview Coming Soon!

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Marketing Consultant in New York

Consulting Services

If it's special event consulting services you seek, you have definitely come to the right place. M Barreto Consulting is your trusted source for all-in-one consulting services that will ensure the success of your next, special event.

Marketing Services

At M Barreto Consulting, I am proud to offer special event marketing services that will help you spread the word about your upcoming events. With my experience, you will be able to connect to brand-new audiences and establish your Brand, more effectively.

Management for Special Events

You can always turn to M Barreto Consulting for marketing, consulting, and artist management services. I strive to remain as flexible and versatile as possible as I satisfy all your special event marketing and advertising needs.

Contact me in New York, to receive hands-on marketing and consulting services from the area's most reliable marketing consultant.

Hours of Operation: 24/7 | Service Area: Nationwide

About Us

Reach new audiences globally with assistance from M Barreto Consulting in New York. My name is Maria Barreto, and I am your most trusted marketing consultant. I offer specialized marketing and consulting services, to help you expand your business and connect to broader audiences all over the globe.


With over 30 years of hands-on experience in the marketing, advertising, and consulting fields. My passion for this industry is unrivaled, and I always go the extra mile to make your music performances and special events, as memorable as possible.

When you do business with my Company, you can always rest easy knowing that you will receive the best exposure possible. Nothing is more satisfying than helping my clients obtain the recognition they need and deserve. That is why my goal has always been to connect people, so they can share and enjoy the passion of music.

My specialties include consulting, marketing, advertising, artist management and bookings too. I am proud to extend my services to any clients who have a need for entertainment opportunities and special events.

A few Artists and Musicians,  from many that have sought my services are:

ZOILAPIANISTA, extraordinary Artist Pianist, recently created new Music Video, soon to be released.

ARTIST MANNY MIELES, who look my lead last year and releasing his new CD "MI PRINCESA".

METAL PISTOLmet at my office for possible bookings and advice for their new potential CD.

LOS HERMANOS MORENO met at my NY office, who also took my lead and will soon be releasing two new songs. In the interim, they are doing their rounds in NY and NJ.

J RALPH PLACIDE took my lead, recorded a new CD that is POP/CARIBBEAN/FUSION and currently working on a music video. 

ARLENE G dropped by and working on another CD.

CD "UN CUBANO EN NUEVA YORK" featuring Ismael Kantor Sardinas, formerly lead singer of LOS VAN VAN", produced by Larry Harlow and mixing Producer Johnny Pacheco is on my most authentic Cuban music list.



Singer, Formal Attire

M Barreto


All of my services are bilingual (English and Spanish). If another language is necessary, I will gladly offer interpretation services through a third party.

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