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New Clients MAMBO LEBRON ORCHESTRA, SAMMY GONZALEZ JR., MARIO BASILE, have officially joined our custom management boutique.  Welcome!

Representing and Managing amazing talent of our music industry.  I create new business opportunities for my outstanding, clients.  Music is so fulfilling and scientifically, healthy for you.  I'm passionate and motivated creating new opportunities for my clients, daily.  It is great to support new talent, globally.

In Addition, new clients are MANNY MIELES, JANET INTERNACIONAL Y SU BANDA, MICHAEL TATE,  and many more.

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New Bios are being updated and will be posted.




Was filled with many opportunities in the tri state area for my clients


2015 & 2016

Again, filled with many created new opportunities that included studio recordings in NY and Puerto Rico, soon to be pubished and released

New beginnings and opportunities were created for our diverse clientele, CD Release Parties, Bookings, Recording studio time, Interviews, Photography, Videos, Book signings, CD covers, etc.

It's all about music and you!

Thanks to all the Press and Supporters that attended my First Business Initiatives.

Looking ahead to a more successful future in the entertainment industry with my artist management services in New York. When you do business with M Barreto Consulting, you can assure knowing that you are working with one of the most experienced and passionate marketing consultants in the industry.


Marketing for Special Events

At M Barreto Consulting, LLC, I provide custom marketing for special events in elite, upscale venues all over the country. These special events may include live music and entertainment for the audience. To ensure the best possible services, I recommend contacting me at least 30 days in advance, so I will have enough time to organize your event, exquisitely.

M Barreto, Artist Management in Brooklyn, NY

There is a 50% deposit required at the signing of the contract. I can provide singers, dancers, and music professionals of all genres. Music brings people together!

I strive to provide you with comprehensive services that include artist promotion and live music for everyone's entertainment. As long as your guests are enjoying themselves, that excitement will enhance the venue location.

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Contact my main office in New York, for reliable music artist management services and more!

Special Event, Artist Management in Brooklyn, NY